At Umoya Africa Academy our mission is to offer hope and a future to the under-privileged youth and the community by creating opportunities and circumstances for a future that will benefit generations to come.
Umoya Africa Academy aims to achieve this through structured programs in sport, education and the creation or improvement of facilities. Umoya is synonymous with positive change - The word "umoya" is derived from the Sotho word "moya" meaning spirit or wind. Umoya Africa Academy is a rushing wind that brings hope and change as it moves over the African landscape!



Umoya Africa Academy's vision is to bring positive transformation to the under-privileged, one small community at a time. We aim to achieve this by:
• Engaging with young people from underprivileged communities caught up in a cycle of poverty and hopelessness,
• Assist with meeting basic needs such as a nutritious meals and a warm bed,
• Bringing change to young people's lives by teaching skills and affording them opportunities that they would not have dreamt of before being introduced to our programs and facilities.
• Seek ways to enhance educational development,
• Building bridges by introducing young people from different cultures to participate in mentoring and coaching programs,

Umoya Africa Academy dreams of making a lasting difference to the lives of those who have fewer opportunities, such as young people in townships and also those who live in smaller rural communities with little or no access to proper education, nutrition or accommodation.

Our vision is to create a program that can be multiplied in other communities across South Africa.


Core Values

• Excellence
• Leadership
• Restoration
• Transformation
• Growth
• Empowerment

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Contact Us

Tiaan Venter
Cell: +27 72 825 9689
Email: tiaan@umoyafrica.com
P.O. Box 576, Ficksburg, 9730


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