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We strive to help the children in the academy to build a future for themselves, to give them hope and the necessary support to make a change not only in their lives but in the lives of the people around them.

At Umoya Africa Academy we firmly believe in structured programs. Yes we have fun, but we also face the reality of all the students current circumstances such as poor living conditions, no electricity etc.

As a registered NPO we provide a transparent channel for the business community to invest their "BEE" contributions through structured enterprise development and social upliftment programs. We do this by creating opportunities for the struggling youth as explained in the different programs above.

As with any project, we rely on funding from investors to assist us making a noticeable change in these communities. Umoya African Academy works closely with a wide variety of institutions throughout the world such as schools, churches and universities for assistance, guidance and funding initiatives. We also work closely with our investors to ensure that our common goals and strategies to achieve these goals are clear and communicative throughout the process. Some of our investors prefer to stay in the background but we also have investors who like to get actively involved in our projects.

We have registered funding offices in the USA (Georgia, Atlanta) and the UK (Oxford) where all the administration and management of our program projects will take place.

Umoya African Academy appreciates every effort, donation and investment made towards our Programs – to ensure ongoing support and growth of our programs, we are however dependent on the help from investors/financial partners (Corporates/Individuals).

Investors/Financial partners can make any of the following donations which are tax deductible:

• Sporting equipment (bikes, tools, Netball rings and netballs, tennis rackets, tennis balls, clothing etc.)
• School supplies and equipment (classroom furniture, computers, stationery etc.)
• Supplies and equipment for our boarding school
• Food supplies
• Monetary donations

While funding is important, Umoya could not survive without a constant stream of volunteers. Our volunteer programs focus on short term outreach programs where individuals or groups participate in smaller projects such a preparing new facilities for occupation, assisting with dedicated community projects and general assistance where engagement and building of relationships with the beneficiaries of our programs will not have an adverse effect on our programs. We also rely on those individuals who seeks to become involved over a longer period of time where they could be utilized in our mentoring and tutoring programs as well as coaching assistance in one or more of our programs.


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