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Umoya's vision is cast on the following three pillars:

• Sport: Offer hope through the introduction of sport in young people's lives

• Education: Offer a future through optimization and support in the educational process

• Facilities: Establish excellent facilities where young people can play, study and live in a safe and comfortable environment

Umoya further focuses in providing support as follows:

• Mentorship: Preparing young men and women for adult life and releasing them into adult life

• Nutrition: Providing balanced meals daily and educating young people in basic nutrition


Umoya's Formula for Growth and Success:

ENGAGE (through activities) - ESTABLISH (values/relationships) - EQUIP (tools to succeed) - EMPOWER (creating opportunities for life)


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Tiaan Venter
Cell: +27 72 825 9689
P.O. Box 576, Ficksburg, 9730


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