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Umoya recognizes that many learners find it difficult to excel academically as a result of their own personal circumstances. Our Education Programs are formulated specifically for learners to improve their educational standard and develop their full academic potential.

While there is an emphasis on academic achievement, it also focusses on equipping students with the tools and life skills needed to become successful individuals. These include training in Finances, Decision-making, Study methods and techniques, Time management, Problem solving, Personal wellbeing and Organisational skills.

Umoya currently offers the following Educational Programs:
• General Tutoring Assistance for Grades 8 - 12
• Math and Science online School modules Grades 10 - 12

General Tutoring Assistance for Grades 8 - 12

This program focuses on Grade 8 - 12 learners. They receive extra classes in Maths, Science, the English Language, and any other subject that may be flagged as a priority. Our objective is to assist learners in achieving the standard set for their respective grade at the end of the year. The Umoya team consists of motivated volunteers that assist learners in group sessions. Umoya also provides guidance to pupils in choosing their subjects for Grade 10 to 12, at the end of Grade 9.

Math and Science Centre

Umoya utilizes a dedicated online program with a proven track record formulated by Hatfield Christian School (HCS) that empower teachers in maths and science to be more effective in the classroom. HCS provides all equipment (laptops, projectors, electronic boards, internet connection, etc.), online software and training for teachers as well as maths and science holiday "camps" while Umoya provides funding, dedicated facilities, technical backup and tutoring support to ensure improved results and pass rates in Maths and Science.


Umoya Africa Academy offers the following Sporting Programs:
Mountain Biking 
Mini Tennis 
Soccer & Netball
Hosting School Physical Education (PT) classes during school
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