"Sport can create hope where once there was only despair. It is more powerful than government in breaking down racial barriers. It laughs in the faces of all kinds of discrimination." – Nelson Mandela

Our sport programs are aimed at those caught up in hopelessness, especially the young and vulnerable in the township communities. Umoya Sport Programs serve as a tool to engage with communities and to facilitate transformation in the lives of individuals. The sport programs focus on developing champions but at the same time teach young people important life skills such confidence, commitment, responsibility and work ethics. Umoya achieves this by partnering with local Schools to improve and / or develop sport programs from within.

These programs create stability, structure, hope and discipline. A sense of self-worth and achievement naturally follows!

Sport programs are tailor-made to suit the individual circumstances and needs of each school or community. Umoya strives to introduce a healthy combination of strong individualistic sports and team sports. Any one or more of the following sport programs are being offered:

• Mountain Biking
• Mini Tennis
• Athletics
• Soccer and Netball
• Gym
• Hosting School Physical Education (PT) Classes during School


1.1 Umoya Africa Academy Cycling Program

Our cycling program engages with young people in townships offering them the opportunity to participate in a sport which would otherwise not be possible due to the high cost of equipment and maintenance. These programs show immense potential to become self-sustainable by retaining a full-time coach, manager and technician. Local schools also benefit as the Umoya-coached champions raised through our program, participate in school events like the Spur Schools Mountain bike league. Cycling is one of the first programs that was initiated in Umoya and although relatively small, has already reaped significant results.

1.2 Umoya Africa Academy Life Orientation (Physical Education)

Our qualified and experienced staff and volunteers serve local schools in communities to offer some or all of the Physical Education classes. Umoya follows required school curriculum and empowers teachers through training and onsite assistance during classes.

1.3 Mini Tennis Program(Primary Schools)

Our objective is to introduce and develop tennis at base level and thus our target group consists of Grade 1 to Grade 3 children. Umoya utilizes existing facilities in and around communities and provide qualified and experienced coaches as well as equipment through partnership with major equipment brands and Tennis South Africa.

1.4 School Sport Programs (Soccer, Netball, MTB, athletics.)

Umoya Africa Academy empowers schools in underprivileged communities to run excellent school sport programs. By utilizing existing underutilized facilities in communities, Umoya volunteers and staff create a central location for pupils from all schools to obtain structured coaching in a variety of sports such as Athletics, Netball, and Soccer.

1.5 Township series (Soccer, Netball, MTB)

Umoya promotes healthy competition between schools and those who participate in our coaching programs are eligible to take part in the periodic township tournaments. This provides opportunities to scout for exceptional talent and assist these individuals to outline career paths where their potential can be developed and optimized, and ultimately where they can eventually give back to the communities from which they hail.

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