a. Mentorship Program
b. Umoya Food Program

a. Mentorship Program

Umoya recognizes that a community cannot rely on outside intervention for unlimited time and thus aims to generate sufficient momentum so that in due course the program becomes self-sustainable. Therefore all our programs focus on developing individuals to a point where they can be equipped for adulthood, and then ultimately be released into adulthood, knowing that they can make a meaningful contribution to society in general. Every life transformed becomes a living witness, which in turn can transform other lives.

Umoya aims to identify learners with strong leadership skills throughout all the programs offered. These young learners are then invited to focused, one-on-one mentorship programs with a dedicated mentor on a regular basis. Mentors and mentees clarify their own objectives with the need for training and guidance throughout the process being of the utmost importance. Regular feedback sessions are held (one on one and in a group format), to measure the individual's progress and the success of the program.

The Mentors:

Umoya African Academy recruits short and medium to long term volunteers to form part of our staff. These volunteers are recruited from South Africa, the UK and the USA and are introduced into the various programs in place. Short term volunteers assist in our programs during a school or university holiday from 1-3 weeks. Medium to longer term volunteers ensure stability within specific programs where they participate for 6-12 months.

All volunteers are assigned to one or more projects within our three main Programs:
• Coaching (Sport)
• Mentoring (Academic)
• Facilities (Upgrading and structural repairs to Umoya buildings and facilities)

They also have the opportunity to enjoy and experience the amazing landscape South Africa has to offer in the forms of safari excursions and towns of South Africa during their free time.

b. Umoya Nutrition Program

Our Nutrition Program aims to provide Communities with the support and tools needed to provide a balanced meal to the poor and under-privileged by means of donations (Maize, oil, etc) but also through education in self-sustaining activities such as farming.

Adults, are equipped with the necessary tools for creating communal vegetable gardens to grow their own food in their back gardens providing them with a sustainable source of food for their families.

Those involved receive training to gain the necessary knowledge, skills and confidence to start their own vegetable patches. Even with small areas, participating communities are able to plant three to four different types of vegetables in rotation, providing food all year round.

The Program further aims to obtain the assistance from other local Farming Forums, Foundations and Organisations to provide training and sponsorships in the form of farming tools, seeds etc.

Our Program runs for a year at a time and provides support and ongoing guidance to participating communities throughout the year.


Umoya strives to provide facilities in the following categories: 
  • Dedicated clubhouse and sports facilities
  • Dedicated facilities for it's online school programs 
  • Places of safety for children who face dire circumstances
  • Gym and other recreational facilities 
  • Service Center for bycycles

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